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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Raghu Kethu Peyarchi 2012 Palangal Tamil Panchangam Transit Effects for 12 Rasi

Raghu Kethu Peyarchi 2012
This is the details of Raghu Kethu Peyarchi 2012 Palangal Tamil Panchangam Transit Effects for 12 Rasi. As per the prediction of raghu kethu peyarchi 2012 in Tamil jothidam the planets moves to thula rasi and mesha rasi by 10:30am on 2/12/2012 and they stay in the above rasi for about one and half year and again moves to kanni and meena rasi by 21/06/2014. The raghu thisai is for 18 years and ketu raghu thisai is for 7 years.  The upcoming Transit of raghu kethu peyarchi dec 2012 gives some changes for all 12 rasi, so next year rahu ketu peyarchi palangal 2013 effects by the location of ragu on staying on Libra. Here you can get Effects of rahu ketu transit December 2012.

Rahu ketu peyarchi Mesha rasi 2012 : This rahu kethu peyarchi 2012 Palan. This gives some wealth related financial spends. The positive changes are 60/100 for this rasi. Now ragu is going to place in 7th position for your rasi.

Rahu ketu peyarchi rishaba rasi  2012: Rahu ketu peyarchi palangal 2012 is 70/100, ragu is going to palce in 6th place and kethu is in 12 th place. Kethu makes you to get the help from others to fulfill all your expectations. 

Raghu kethu peyarchi mithuna rasi 2012: Rahu ketu peyarchi palangal 2012 is 80/100. Ketu is at 18th position and Ragu is in 5th position so wealth is on your side.
Rahu ketu peyarchi Kadaga rasi  2012: All good happenings due to 4th place raghu and you will get good job opportunities due to 10th placing kethu. Rahu ketu peyarchi palangal 2012 is 60/100.
Rahu ketu peyarchi Simha rasi 2012: Victory in all your activities due to the third position of rahu and bleasent and colourful life due to ketu at 9th place. Rahu ketu peyarchi palangal 2012 for Simha is 75/100.

Rahu ketu peyarchi Kanni rasi 2012: Wealthy and life and profit due to rahu at second position and health problems due to astamathu ketu. Rahu ketu peyarchi palangal 2012 is 50/100. Visit the temple of Ambihai sitting on south side every Friday.

Thula rasi 2012 rahu ketu peyarchisarpa thosam for Thula rasi so Rahu ketu peyarchi palangal 2012 is 40/100. There will be some problems in your health and more loss than gain due to genma rahu. Be carefull in all your activities including finance handling.

Viruchigam rasi rahu ketu peyarchi 2012: Excellent positon of ragu and ketu. Rahu ketu peyarchi palangal 2012 is 90/100. Wealthy life due to the position of 12 place ragu and 6th place kehu,   good time begins.

Dhanusu rasi rahu ketu peyarchi 2012: Rahu ketu peyarchi palangal 2012 is 80/100. Mostly gain than loss due to the 11th position of raghu and you will gain good job and working experience through the position of 5th palce ketu
Makara rasi rahu ketu peyarchi 2012: Rahu ketu peyarchi palangal 2012 is 70/100 for magara rasi people. 10th position of ragu brings the success in all your efferts. Kethu is astamathu ketu os be careful about your health.

Kumbha rahu ketu peyarchi 2012: Rahu ketu peyarchi palangal 2012 is 65/100. Ragu is in 9th place so this is the time to gain money and gold. Ketu is at 3rd position so this will cause some negative effects in relationship.

Meena rasi rahu ketu peyarchi 2012: Rahu ketu peyarchi palangal 2012 is good for you people. The benefits are just 40/100. Ketu is at 2nd position so you will face some problems but 2nd positon ragu saves you from damage.  

Friday, November 2, 2012

November Month Rasi Palan 2012 | Karthigai Deepam Matha Rasi Palan Horoscope

November Month Rasi Palan Karthigai 2012
This is October Month Rasi Palan 2012 which is falling in Karthigai Matha. The Horoscope is given fro all 12 Tamil rasi. Tamil month starts by 16th of November. karthigai deepam 2012 is very special in this month. karthigai deepam 2012 date falls on  28th November 2012

Mesha rasi palan November 2012 Aries: Unknown member’s friendships can cause problems and you may face some serious health problems at the end of this month.
Rishaba rasi palan November 2012 Tarus: Be careful while planning your business or personal trip. This may cause some huge finance loss by this month.
Mithuna rasi palan October 2012 Gemini: Do not go for any argument with family or in business. Be patient to avoid some serious problems.
Kadaga rasi palan November 2012 Cancer: Plane before you spend money in anything. Financial discomfort continuous for this month also.
Simha rasi palan November 2012 Leo: You should work hard and no time to take rest. Good financial situation and health condition.
Kanni rasi palan November 2012 Virgo: Be careful while planning new projects because the jealous of your friend and enemy may spoil your work.
Thula rasi palan November 2012 Libra: one of the best and luckiest months for you. Your love proposal turns positive.  
Viruchigam rasi palan November 2012 Scorpio: This is a very pleasant time for you and time to plan a new project.
Dhanusu rasi palan November 2012 Sagittarius: There is no special changes in the November month. Financial situation is satisfactory.
Makara rasi palan November 2012 Capricorn: This is the time to show your hidden talents to impress others. Best time to chance you in a positive manner.
Kumbha rasi palan November 2012 Aquarius: chance to face some problems in the working place. Your health condition can improve nicely.
Meena rasi palan November 2012 Pisces: This month you will finish an old which is in pending. New project will knock your door step.