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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Rishaba rasi palan 2013 Rishabam 2013 Tamil Horoscope Predictions

Rishaba rasi palan for 2013
This is rishaba rasi palan for 2013. This is based on rishaba rasi palan 2013 in Tamil language panchangal predictions. rishabam 2013 in Tamil astrology stars are karthikai, thokini and miruga siridam.  Rishabam rohini 2013 and
rishabam karthigai 2013 palangal are excellent throughout the year.

Rishaba rasi people are very understanding. You are lucky, because this new year take birth in the 3rd house of you rasi. Your courage doubles and you will come to a conclusion for your long day problems. This is the time to save Money. You will get the introduction from strangers. Long day court cases ends by favoring you.

Rishabam 2013 predictions Before Guru Transit
Chandran is very strong for your rasi in 2013 so you give attention for the feelings of your family members. This is the Time to ring marriage bells in your family. In 2013 whole year Saturn is strengthened in your 6th house. This brings happiness and success.   You will get the fortitude to deal with problems. Husband and wife relationship will be more strengthened.  
Up to May 2013 jenma guru induces your anger so chance to get bad name. be careful while taking each step.

Rishabam horoscope 2013 after Guru Transit 
After guru transit 2013 may 29th the time will be changed and you will get favour of guru which movies to 2nd house.  Ragu’s 6th position also favors. After to rahu ketu peyarchi in 2013, there will be slit negative changes in rahu ketu peyarchi 2013 rishabam rasi palan.
Parikaram: Visit Maruathamalai Murugam temple and pray lord muruga.


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