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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Guru peyarchi 2013 Palangal Tamil predictions from 2013 - 2014

Guru Peyarchi 2013 Palangal

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This is Guru peyarchi 2013 Palangal Tamil predictions from 2013 – 2014.
The most important transits are sani peyarchi, Guru peyarchi and raghu, kethu peyarchi.  After one guru transit people usually follow that when is guru peyarchi 2013? Next guru peyarchi 2013 is coming by the month of May. As per the predilections of Tirukkanita panchangam the trasit takes place yearly once.  The guru peyarchi may 2013 give some changes for all the twelve rasi. The chances may be positive for some and reverse effect for some rasi. The effect is positive nothing to worry but in case of negative effect, we should take some preventive measures. This can act against the negative or bad palan of guru peyarchi in 2013. Here I have given  guru peyarchi palangal 2013 to 2014 for all the 12 rasi. You can find your horoscope guru peyarchi after May 2013 and can do parikaram if necessary. The astrology is predicted by Guru peyarchi 2013 in Tamil panchangam palan.

The following predictions are going on with our astrology experts. Soon the below content will be updated.

Guru peyarchi 2013 mesha rasi Palan
The planet Jupiter is going to stay in  2nd house  for Mesha Rasi people. You will get all the success in your life after this guru transit. Peoples who belong to art and craft profession get timely growth.

Guru peyarchi 2013 for rishaba rasi Palan
The planet guru Jupiter will be moving to 1 location during this guru transit.  All your incomplete work will be successfully end.   People those who are working in private concern get promotions. Your mind will expect some spiritual relaxation.

Guru peyarchi mithuna rasi 2013 palan
The planet guru Jupiter will be in the location of 12 after this guru transit.  Basically you re cool and playful but you should take and handle the things very carefully after this Guru peyarchi 2013complacent and try to take things seriously.
Guru peyarchi kataka rasi 2013 Palangal

The location of guru Jupiter will be in the location of 11th  place for for Kataka Rasi people. All your negative happenings are going to be end and touch the height of success. Best time for your carrier growth. The obstacles in the business filed of Kataka rasi people will be removes and go smoothly.  

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