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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Tamil Rasi Palan October 2013 Tamil Aippasi Masam

This is Tamil Rasi Palan October 2013 Tamil aippasi masam Horoscope

Mesha rasi palan for October 2013(Aries): This is the month to work enthusiastically.  You will get success in proposal. There is a chance for loose than gain.

Tamil Rishaba rasi palan October 2013(Taurus): October month Rishaba rasi palan is going to give some pleasant surprise. New sprit in your life style and work gives you all positive changes.

Tamil Mithuna rasi palan October 2013(Genimi): October 2013 is good month for Mithuna rasi people. All your problems will be solved with the help of a third person. Comparatively there is an improvement in your financial situation than last month.

Tamil Kadaga rasi palan for October 2013 (cancer):Kadaka rasi people can try some new projects this month. You are thinking to establish some new business or work. Think twice to enter in any field. There is a chance for misunderstanding with your family members. 

Tamil Simha rasi palan October2013 (leo): Simha rasi palan 2013 is stars with relaxation. There you face some problems in October and you find a solution that problem this month. Do some medication for mind relaxation. Pray lord Shiva to get strength and good health.

Tamil Kanni rasi palan for October 2013(virgo): This month Kanni rasi people should take some risk to prove themselves in personal or business. You will give importance to the feelings of your life partner
Tamil Thula rasi palan October 2013 (libra): Thula rasi people are broad minded success is aviating for your hard work. You will get promotion and increment. This month is a profitable month.

Tamil Vrischika rasi palan October2013 (scorpio): Vrischika rasi people are love and believe more once they like the person. Get success for long term plan. You will get some asset from your father side. There is a chance to get some misunderstandings with you family members so avoid debate.  
Tamil Dhanusu rasi palan October 2013 (Sagittarius): Danusu rasi people always think several times and go for work, that is the secrete of your success, this month too. You will get some burden at your work. Pray lord Vishnu for peace and good health.  

Tamil Makara rasi palan October 2013 (Capricorn): Makara rasi palan are popular for their artistic nature. You should be very careful at your working place to avoid major mistakes.  
Tamil Kumbha rasi palan October 2013(aquarius): kumbha rasi people are very brave and polite. There will be some obstacles at your working place or at your business but you beat the problems with your sincerity and hard work.

Tamil Meena rasi palan October 2013 (pisces): Meena rasi people follow some rules and regulation in their life to be moral. There is a chance to get patents asset by the end of this month. Husband and wife relationship will be strengthening.  

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