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Monday, December 30, 2013

Chandrashtama dates 2014 January Month

Chandrashtama dates in January 2014
Chandrashtama meaning: Unfavorable day. The astrology of chandrashtama today is most followed by both educated and uneducated people to perform their causal and special occasions. chandrashtama tamil panchangam predictions are more accurate and you should avoid important events on chandrashtama timings. You should be very careful until the completion of chandrashtama period for your rasi and nakshatra. The below information is taken from chandrashtama calendar 2014.  

Chandrashtama days 2014 in January
1st January 2014: Rokini, Mirukasiridam
2nd January 2014: Mirugasirisham natchathiram
3rd January 2014: Thiruvathirai natchathiram
4th January 2014: Poonarpoosam
5th January 2014:Poosam
6th January 2014: Poosam, ayilyam natchathiram
7th January 2014: ayilyam, Magam natchathiram
8th January 2014: Magam, Pooram
9th January 2014: Pooram, uthiram natchathiram
10th January 2014: Uthiram, natchathiram
11th January 2014: Chithirai natchathiram
12th January 2014: Swathi natchathiram
13th January 2014: vishaka natchathiram
14th January 2014: Anusham natchathiram
15th January 2014: Anusham, kettai natchathiram
16th January 2014: Keetai and moolam
17th January 2014: Moolam, pooradam
18th January 2014: Pooradam Uthradam
19th January 2014: Uthradam, thiruvonam natchathiram
20th January 2014: Thiruvona, avittam natchathiram
21st January 2014: Avittam, sathayam natchathiram
22nd January 2014: sathayam, pooratathi nakshatra
23rd January 2014: Poorattathi nakshatra, uthirattathi natchathiram
24th January 2014: Uthirattathi, Revathi natchathiram
25th January 2014: Revathi, asupathy natchathiram
26th January 2014: Bharani, asupathy natchathiram
27th January 2014: Karthigai, bharani
28th January 2014: Karthigai, Rohini
29th January 2014: Rogini, Mirugasirisham
30th January 2014: Mirugasirisham, Thiruvathirai natchathiram
31st January 2014: Poonarpoosam, Thiruvathirai natchathiram


  1. Where is Hastha nakshatra???

    1. no chandrastama effects for some nakshatra like hastha barani etc,. it doesnt apply for those