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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

October 2014 Rasi palan Purattasi masam Tamil

This is October 2014 Rasi palan purattasi masam Tamil
Rishaba rasi palan October 2014  Taurus: The time is not so easy for you. You may face some problems in your career of job level. Take advice of elders in financial matters. Second half of the month will bring some good news.

Mithuna rasi palan October 2014 Gemini: The favourable condition of planets Mars-Jupiter and Venus will show you positive results during first half of the month. Your efforts will get rewarded. Financial status will be high. Family life will be supportive.

Kataka rasi palan October 2014 Cancer: This month is very good for career. Your seniors will appreciate your efforts and your social status will be high. Friends can prove supportive. Family disputes can disturb your mind in the end of the month.

Shima rasi palan October Leo: You can enjoy mix results during the month of October. Expert’s advice will prove beneficial while taking important decision. Second half of the month predicts about unexpected gain. Be alert from new contacts. 
Kanni  rasi palan October Virgo: The month is cheerful for you. Financial flow will be good. You can achieve success in legal or governmental work. Work responsibilities will be more and you need to be careful about your health.

Thula rasi palan October 2014 Libra: The month will show you both good and bad days. You need to maintain your mental balance and patience. The month is very good for financial matters and investments. Social status will be remarkably high.

Viruchigam rasi palan October Scorpio:   The planet condition during this month is predicting hard work for you. Sun and Jupiter will be in favourable condition. Bachelors can get good marriage proposals. Plans for new business will be successful.
Dhanusu rasi palan October 2014 Sagittarius: The planet placement is perfect for investment and career. Family life will be cheerful. Support of elders will prove useful. Long journeys are predicted. New contacts will prove beneficial.
Makara rasi palan October 2014 Capricorn: Enjoy new business or career opportunities in this month. Success will be at your feet. Financial status will be very high. Your business will flourish this month. New responsibilities will be offered to you.

Kumba rasi palan October 2014 Aquarius: Your business tension can affect your family life negatively and it can create lots of misunderstandings. Business journeys are predicted. Avoid any type of business competition with anyone.

Meena rasi palan October 2014 Pisces: You can face some ups and downs in your business. Some disturbing events may take place in your social circle. Financial status will be moderate. Take care of your health during second half of the month.

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