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Sunday, November 9, 2014

December 2014 rasi palan Tamil karthigai matham astrology

December 2014 rasi palan Tamil 
Here is the information on December 2014 rasi palan Tamil astrology prediction.

Mesha rasi palan November 2014
This is the month of mixed results of Aries people. Control your mind in difficult situation. Your financial side will be good and that will help you to release many tensions. Many new responsibilities will make your life bit stressful. Spend some time in religious activities.

Rishaba rasi palan November 2014 Taurus:
Your Self confidence and intelligence will help you to gain success in social circle. You will be praised for your achievements at your job place. Improved financial status will bring cheer in the family.

Mithuna rasi palan November 2014 Gemini:
Favourable planet condition and your efforts will make you successful in your career. You can touch the height of success during this month. Financial flow will be satisfactory. Business related long journeys will be beneficial.

Kataka rasi palan November 2014 Cancer:
Your friends will not prove beneficial in your business; hence avoid business deals with friends. Control your expenditure to balance between income and expenses. Second half of the month will be beneficial. Try to avoid small disputes between families.

2014 Shima rasi palan November Leo:
It is the best period to take new responsibilities and start new projects. Planet condition is favourable. Social status will be high. New business contacts will prove profitable. Do not sign any paper without reading it.

Tamil Kanni  rasi palan December 2014 Virgo:
Be happy in whatever you have during the month of December. You need to do more efforts to earn money. Take care of your valuable belongings when you are in journey. Family life will be good.

Thula rasi palan December 2014 Libra:
It is very necessary to save money for your family expenditure. Your hard work will lead you towards the path of success. Sun will be in favorable condition during second half of the month. Friends and relatives will be helpful for you.
Viruchigam rasi palan December 2014 Scorpio:
We can’t change the situation but we can face it with confidence. Mars and Jupiter will be in very favourable condition. Planet support can help you to achieve success. Students will get expected achievement.

Dhanusu rasi palan December 2014 Sagittarius:
Unfavorable planet placement will bring troubles for you during this month. Postpone important task till the planet condition changes. Keeping silent is best solution to avoid family disputes. Avoid long journeys.

Makara rasi palan December  2014 Capricorn:
You will get good news during the month of December. Delayed tasks will get completed successfully. Elders in the family will be supportive. Financial flow will be moderate. Family life will be cheerful.

Kumba rasi palan December Aquarius:
The planet condition is good to prove your talent. Unemployed people can get better job opportunities. The month is very good for sports people and artists. Health will show some problems during the second half of December.

Meena rasi palan December 2014 Pisces:
Due to unfavorable planet condition, you need to change your way of working. Those who are in jobs can expect promotions. Second half of the month will bring some good news for you. Family life will be good. Take care of your eyes.


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