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Monday, November 2, 2015

Kanni rasi palan 2016 Tamil astrology

 This is Kanni rasi palan 2016 Tamil astrology. The Jupiter and Saturn transit during the year 2015-2016 will bring some remarkable changes in the life of people under Kanni rashi. This year 2016 will be full of mixed results for this raasi. Here are some general predictions for kanni rashi for the year 2016

Kanni rasi palan family horoscope 2016
The planet condition shows that you may face some problems in your family life. Chances of getting separated from your life partner are very highly predicted. Try to avoid small disputes in the family that may cause due to misunderstandings. The elders in the family will be supportive but try to maintain good relationship with your sibling. Overall the beginning of the year will be troublesome in the matter of close relatives and relationships. After August month, you will be free from these tensions.

Kanni rasi health 2016 Horoscope
The health side is also not very good for kanni rashi in the year 2016. Overload of work may lead you to extreme stress and other related problems. Some of you may face the problems related to digestive system. Those who are suffering from throat related diseases should be alert during the first half of the year. Take care of the health of the old people in your family. Avoid taking outsider food much as it can make you sick.

Kanni rasi financial horoscope 2016
It can be seen that the unfavorable planet condition is going to trouble you in all aspects. The position of Jupiter in your twelfth house may cause a big financial loss during this year. Avoid investing money in any new venture as there are chances to get betrayed in the dealing. Your horoscope says that you may get cheated by a person who is very close to you. Be alert while doing any financial deal.

Kanni rasi career 2016 astrology
Your professional life seems to be better this year. Those who are engaged in the jobs like media or social field can expect grand success during this year. Career and job will give satisfactory results. Your work will be praised by the seniors and you will be given new responsibilities in the job. Social and financial position will be satisfactory.

Kanni rasi marriage life 2016
You may face problems in many fields during the year 2016 but your love life will be great during this period. Those who are in love will enjoy the best period together and those who are searching for a perfect life partner will be successful in finding the love of the life. Never allow misunderstandings and doubts in your relationship.

The dates on which the Kanni rashi people should be alert:
The month of February and March will show you some financial troubles so better to cut off the unnecessary expenses.

 The year is not good for any new investments and business plans

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