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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Thula rasi palan 2016 Tamil panchangam prediction

This is Thula rasi palan 2016 Tamil panchangam prediction.Librans are known for their balance mind and friendly nature. The year 2016 will show you the way towards success. You will gain a new confidence to achieve your goal. Social life will be very good during this year. Family life will be very supportive.

Thula rasi love life 2016
Librans are born romantic by nature. The year 2016 will full of infatuation for you. Those who are in love can experience best period with the partner. Chances of finding perfect love partner are high during the second half of the year. Those who are not serious about their relationship will have to face love break up during the first few months of the year. Chances of love marriage are high for the bachelors. Married couple can take chance for pregnancy during the year.

Thula rasi career 2016 rasi palan
Career side will be during this year. Business people can start new projects during the middle of the year. Your efforts and confidence will show you the way towards success. Cooperation of your friends and colleagues will prove beneficial. If you are planning to expand your business then plan it after the month of June. Take advice of experts before investing money in new project.

Thula rasi Tamil 2016 Finance horoscope
Jupiter is in favorable house in Libra rashi. The support of the plant will make you tension free from financial matters during the year. Take advice of seniors before new investment plants. The year is going to be fabulous financially. All pending debts will get cleared off in 2016. Though the income side will be strong, you need to control your expenditure too. Sudden property gain is also predicted this year. You may invest money in purchasing house or land for future planning.

Thula rasi health 2016 predictions
Health will remain very good in the year 2016. Financial stability and success in career will make you relax. Mentally and physically you will feel enthusiastic and cheerful. Work stress will be more but you need to spend some time for mental peace.

Thula rasi 2016 family horoscope

Family life will be cheerful and supportive. Small disputes should be neglected. Children will give good news. Couples can plan for pregnancy after month of June. Overall the year is going to bring very good days in your life.

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