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Friday, July 1, 2016

July 2016 Rasi palan Tamil aani matham

This is July 2016 Rasi palan Tamil aani matham horoscope.

 Mesha rasi palan July 2016 Aries:

The planet condition is very favorable for your rasi in the month of July. Your confidence level will be very high during this period. The month will bring you lots of success and improvement. Financial status will be stable. Ladies will participate in social work.

Rishaba rasi palan July 2016 Taurus:
Don’t trust everyone who comes in contact with you. You need to be very much alert in financial matters. Financial status will improve during this year. Be particular in legal matters. Family life will be cheerful.

Mithuna rasi palan July 2016 Gemini:
Your rivals may try to trouble you in your career. The second half of the month will be beneficial for you. Financial flow will improve and you will be able to spend money for your family. Business tours are predicted during this month.

Kataka rasi palan July 2016Cancer:
Jupiter is supportive for your Rasi during this month. The expenditure will be high but you don’t need to worry about it. Avoid small misunderstandings in family. Avoid unnecessary expenditure. New contacts will be beneficial.

Simha rasi palan July 2016 Leo:
The planet condition is very beneficial. The first half of the month will be full of success and happiness. You can complete you new plans during this period. You are going to enjoy high social status during this month. You need to be little alert during the second half of the month.

Kanni rasi palan July 2016 Virgo:
You will be able to fulfill your dreams with lots of efforts, patience and honesty. Financial status will be good. The property matters will get solved positively. During the second half of the month you may do a major purchase for the family.

Thula  rasi palan July 2016 Libra:
When the things are not going according to our wish, you need to find out the reasons behind it. Avoid family disputes during this month. The work load will be more during the second half of the month. You will get success in legal matters.

Viruchiga rasi palan July 2016 Scorpio:
The month will be helpful for you to gain desired success. You need to take lots of efforts for that. Family life will be cheerful. Be alert while handling legal matters. Children will give you good news.

Dhanus rasi palan July 2016 Sagittarius:
You need to be patient to fulfill your dreams. Don’t leave your efforts and walk steadily towards your goal. It will be difficult to balance between income and expenditure. Some of you may get stomach related problems.

Makara rasi palan July 2016 Capricorn:
The month of July will be very good for you. You will be able to earn desired success in your work field. You may get new job opportunity or high promotion. Be alert in financial matters. Take advice or experts if needed. Take care of health of the elders in the family.

Kumbha rasi palan July 2016 Aquarius:
You may get cheated by your friends during this month; therefore it is better to be well alert. Your social status will remain very high. Your work will be appreciated by seniors. You will get some time to spend with your dear ones.

Meena rasi palan July 2016 Pisces:
The final success will be yours but you need to be patient during the first half of the month. You have to adjust a bit in family matters. Small misunderstandings may turn into serious disputes. You will be able to complete the pending works successfully.

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