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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Rasi Characteristics Astrology in Tamil Panchangam

Mesha Rasi 
– Aries
Mesha rasi characteristics: You are very angry and short tempered. You work hard to achieve your target. You are very powerful voice and loving in nature.   The understating between the husband or wife is less and always interested in beauty. 
 Mesha Rasi natchathiram – Aswinini natchathiram, Barani natchathiram, and Krithikai natchathiram1st phase. 
2. Rishaba Rasi – Taurus
Rishaba rasi characteristics: You are fair with big nose and mouth. The shoulders are broad. Short tempered, cunning  and always interested to lead a wealthy life. Trying  to find all the possibilities to achieve your interest. 
Rishaba Rasi  natchathiram – Krithika natchathiram i II phase, Rohini natchathiram and Mirukasheerisham  natchathiram II phase.
3. Mithunam  Rasi – Gemini
Mithuna Rasi characteristics: Mithuna rasi people are fair skinned, you always like to be happy and make other to be happy. You are interested in music and art. Physically attractive and and helping minded. 
 Mithuna Rasi natchathiram - Mirugasheerisham natchathiram III phase
4. Kadaga Rasi – Cancer
Kadaga rasi characteristics: kadaga rasipeople are very short tempered, they attract other by their intelligent way of communication, sharp minded.  Physically good and the head portion is usually large.
kadaga rasi natchathiram  - Punarpoosa natchathiram  4th Phase, Poosa natchathiram , and Ayilyam natchathiram.
5. Simha Rasi – Leo
    Simha Rasi characteristics: Simha rasi people are very knowledgeable,          attractive figure, dark or medium skin coloured. You can adjust different situations easily.  You are more powerful and very obedient and interested in competitions. 
 Simha rasi natchathiram – Magam natchathiram, Pooram natchathiram, and upto Uthiram 1st phase
6. Kanni Rasi – Virgo
Kanni rasi characteristics: You are very devotional, helping, honesty and very sharp minded. You are very brave and tackle all the challenging situations very easily.     
 Kanni Rasi  natchathiram – Uthiram 2nd phase, Astham natchathiram, and Chithirai natchathiram 2nd phase
7. Thula Rasi – Libra
Thula rasi characteristics: They are beautiful and physically attractiveand fair. Usually are very interested in sports. Obedient and You have great targets in life. 
 Thula rasi natchathiram - Chithirai 3rd phase, Swathi natchathiram, and Vishaka natchathiram 3rd phase
8. Viruchigam Rasi– Scorpio
viruchigam rasi characteristics: viruchigam rasi people are very sharp, great speakers, very devotional, loving and interested in reading and researching. The minus of viruchigam rasi people is angry.
 viruchigam rasi natchathiram are Anusham natchathiram, and upto Keattai
9. Dhanusu Rasi – Sagittarius
Dhanu rashi Characters: Dhanu rashi people are very intelligent. They become popular through their unique style and presendation of work.  They give more importance to friendship. Ususally calm and soft spoken.  
 Dhanusu Rasi natchathiram are  Moola natchathiram, Poorada natchathiram and Uthiraadam natchathiram 1st Phase. 
10. Magaram Rasi - Capricorn
Makara rasi Characteristics:  Magaram Rasi people are slow and condident workers. They are sensitive and living in nature. They work hard to achieve their target.
Makara rasi natchathiram : Uthiraadam natchathiram 2nd phse, Thiruvona natchathiram and Avitta natchathiram 2nd phase 
11. Kumbam Rasi– Aquarius
Kumbha rashi characteristics: The face of Kumbha rashi people is less attractive but more intelignet. They mingle with all type of people easily. They are polite and afraid. They are very sensitive and emotional 
 Kumbha rashi nakshatra are Avitta natchathiram  3rd phase, Sathaya natchathiram and Pooratathi natchathiram 3rd phase.  
12. Meenam Rasi – Pisces
Meena Rasi Characteristics: Meena Rasi people are usually good. They are very kind and loving nature.  Theare are very brave and commending in nature.  They will have administrative or business.  
 meena rashi nakshatra are Poorattathi 4th phase, Uthiraada natchathiram and  Revathi natchathiram.

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