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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tamil Mesha Rasi 2012 Palangal Panchangam Jothidan Predictions

This is Tamil Mesha Rasi 2012 Palangal. This year you can take a deep breath by removing all obstacles which caused many problems in the year 2011. In the beginning of the year is little touch and after guru peyarchi 2012, guru will changehis place from 11th to 2nd place.
Guru peyarchi 2012 date: May 17th 2012.

In Mesha Rasi palan 2012,  Sani is situated in the 7th place, ragu is in 8th place and Ketu is in 2nd place. This will bring some health problems. You should concentrate more on family and relationship. The love between husband and wife will improve; there is a chance for foreign trip.

Both the positive and negative will be in equal proportion. Mesha Rasi 2012 Palangal states that some people will change their living place. Business people should be very care full in their account handling. Private workers may face some problems through their higher officials. Should not lend money to other, it is very difficult to get back. Financially you spend more than what you earn, less chance for savings.

Students and job seekers are benefitted after Guru peyarchi 2012. There is a chance for fresher to get job in foreign countries. Students will gain good academics results.  The health of your mother worsens, be careful while travelling in vehicles. There will be some break in blood relationship and small husband and wife problems become serious, it is better to close your mouth at maximum time.

Now you are having Genma guru, this will cause unnecessary tension, scare, and anger. All the troubles you are going to face are only up to Guru peyarchi 2012. After that, your financial situation will improve, all your relationship becomes strong and you will get victory in all your actions. Be careful up to Guru peyarchi 2012. Coming Guru will bring happy and prosperity for your life.        

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