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Friday, June 15, 2012

Today Rasi palan 2012 Tamil Predictions in English

Tamil Today Rasi palan for all 12 Rasi
Today Rasi palan for Mesham: Today is the day to get Profit through Friends.

Today Rasi palan for Rishabam: Good improvement in your financial situation.

Today Rasi palan for Mithunam: difficult day to manage, be careful in money handling.

Today Rasi palan for Kadagam 2012: More work tension and difficult to manage.

Simha Rasi palan Today: This is a day for your achievement.

Kanni Rasi palan Today: Improvement in health condition. Good chance to get an introduction form great persons.

Today Rasi Paln for Thulam:   Problem in family life.  Husband and wife misunderstanding

Today Rasi palan for Viruchigam  : You will tackle the bad situation very smoothly.

Today Rasi palan for Dhanusu: Good time and those who are searching for Job can get.

Today Rasi palan for Makaram: Very tight financial situation and you will spend some money without value.

Today rasi palan for Kumbam: this is a day to reduce your braveness and difficult to achieve.
Today rasi palan for Meenam: You should be careful in money handling.

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