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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

July Month Rasi palan 2012 | Tamil Aadi Matha Rasi Palan

Tamil Aadi Matha Rasi Palan
  • Here is July Month Rasi palan 2012, Tamil Aadi Matha Rasi Palan  prediction as per the palce of Sevvai, sani ragu kethu, sun and guru.
  • July Month Rasi palan 2012Mesha rasi palan July 2012: Timely help from a popular personality and you will buy some costly things or a residence.
  • Rishaba rasi palan July 2012: Reduce your anger and be calm, you will face some bad situation this month.
  • Mithuna rasi palan July 2012: chance to get some health problems and  ragu is very strong so you will get some strangers help.
  • Kadaga rasi palan July 2012 : sani from 2nd house is moving to his 3rd place so chance to save some money for your family. 
  • Simha rasi palan July 2012: you will finish hard and pending work this month very easily. Chance for eye infection and irritation.
  • Kanni rasi palan July 2012 : July month brings great victory for you and take care of your health. Control your food and go for diet.
  • Thula rasi palan July 2012 : Sun in 9th and Guru is in 8th position. Take care of your father’s health and time for travel.
  • Viruchigam rasi palan July 2012 : Good financial situation and the fresher’s will good job opportunities by the month of July
  • Dhanusu rasi palan July 2012 : Sun is at 7th position so it is difficult to control your anger. Happy news from children side.
  • Makara rasi palan July 2012: Guru is in 5th position so calm and happy family situation. Sevvai 8th house is now moving to 9th so all your problems get solved.
  • Kumbha rasi palan July 2012: Sevvai 7th house gave you more problems now it is moving to 8th place so little tension reduce.
  • Meena rasi palan July 2012: Sevvai 6th house gave some relation breaks but this month chance for rebinding.

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