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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December 2012 Rasi palan Predictions

December 2012 Predictions
This is December 2012 Rasi palan Predictions for all the 12 rasi as per Tamil Panchangam.
Mesha rasi December 2012 Predictions: Mesha rasi palan December 2012 is the happiest month. You fulfill the need of your family members. Pray Hanuman on Saturdays.
Rishaba rasi December 2012 Predictions: Rishaba rasi palan December 2012 Control your anger. All your bending works will be successfully finished by this month.
Mithuna rasi December 2012 Predictions: There will be little struggle with some profit. Don’t do any funny things because it becomes serious issue. Pray Durga Devi
Kadaga rasi December 2012 Predictions: very slow in finishing your work. If you are not sure in anything better drop it. Pray Vishnu for better and improvement.
Simha rasi December 2012 Predictions: Good and improved month. All your dream comes true. Pray guru for betterment.
Kanni rasi December 2012 Predictions: This is the a joy and delightful month. Pray lord Shiva on monda’s.
Thula rasi December 2012 Predictions: promotion in Job, new project for business people and marriage talk for boys and girls are the characteristic of Thula December 2012 palan.
Vrischika rasi December 2012 Predictions: It is very difficult to satisfy the need of your family memers. They will show the anger on you. Pray Durga Devi.
Dhanusu rasi rasi December 2012 Predictions: Excellent month for business people and students. Chance to re- join the broken relationships.
Makara rasi rasi December 2012 Predictions: Good year and this is the spring season for you in financial wise.  You will get justice favoring your side.
Kumbha rasi rasi December 2012 Predictions: You will tackle all the problems easily. You will get reward for your hard work.
Meena rasi rasi December 2012 Predictions: avoid giving suggestion for others problems. This may cause some discomforts. Sluggish action may appear to complete your work at time. Pray Parvathi Devi for betterment.   

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