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Friday, December 7, 2012

Mesha rasi Palan 2013 Predictions Tamil Panchangam Horoscope

2013 Mesha Rasi Palan
This is Mesham rasi palan 2013 Tamil astrology. Here are predictions.  
Aswini bharani karthigai or Ashwini bharani krittika are the mesha rasi natchathiram. In the year 2013, raghu is in 7th house and kethu is in your genma rasi and sani is in 7th position of your rasi. Guri is in 2nd place upto May 26th 2013. After Guru peyarchi 2013 that is from May 27th 2013 Guru movies to 3rd place. This year first mon guru is in Vakram stage so the guru vakra palan stats that the time is not good for you. So you should be very careful in January 2013.
The location of Guru is in good position up to May 26th 2013.  Health condition of parents will be improved. Good progress in your education and working place. Be friendly with other language people because you will get some favour from them. Chances are bright to get new vehicles or new asset. Sani is at your 7th place. This is not favour for doing good things but guru save you from the danger.
After May 27th 2013 Guru is moving to 3rd place so he can not save you from this Guru transit 2013. This will cause some degradation in your work some people can change their job or the business people move from one place to another to withstand their project. With this guru kethu and sani also giving bad effects. This will continue up to November 2013.
Again the good time starts from   December 8th 2013. This is the end for all your troubles. You are going to excellent life changes in the last two months of the year 2013. Pariharam for guru, rahu, and kehu those are visiting thatchinamoorthy temple on Thursday,  saneeswaran temple on Saturdays and ganesh temple. 


  1. The horoscopes take under people’s planetary positions, zodiac sign and date of birth. The people who interestingly read and follow their horoscopes that may realize a well change in their lives.

  2. I've started to visit the temple on thursdays and saturdays. To be honest i've a tremendous positive change in my life. I was undergoing a wealth dispute, thought i was losing but the most unexpected people have turned out to help me.

  3. Very Nice to hear this from you. Bright future ahead.

  4. hi.. at my state/country we do not have a specific temple for thatchinamoorthy or saneeswaran.. but i do visit amman temples that has both the deity on Fridays and Saturday now. I will start with Thursday asap too.

  5. Hai,
    Well, You have not mentioned the details about your state but all state have Lord Shiva Temple. In Shiva temple definitely you have nava graha (Shani)and guru (thatchinamoorthy)