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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Kumbha rasipalan 2013 Predictions

Kumbha rasipalan 2013 Predictions
This is Kumbha rasipalan 2013 predictions and parikaram.  
Kumbha rasi character: you are very intelligent people, prized by people. The excellent memory helps you to achieve the things easily.      
kumbha rasi forecast 2013: Kumbha rashi bhavishya 2013 starts with Rasinathan utchanm, so you will get good opportunities in life and career for this year. The location of raghu and kethu is neutralizing each other. You feel like getting profit but at the time of getting it will vanish.
Chandran is at 6th position that is in his own house so you should be very careful because you will get into the trouble by your own. Be silent to avoid problems. Before kumbha rasi guru transit 2013(27.5.2013)is good and lucky time, the obstacles in education and marriage will be removed.  
 As per the predictions of kumba rasi palan in Tamil panchangam, your financial situation will be improved, chance to change your work or business. Ragu is at 9th place so there will be some problem in parental asset.  The bad time of avittam natchathiram is changed by this New Year. Kumbha rasi avittam natchathiram 2013 people will get wealth and prosperity.
kumbha rasi Career 2013: Kumba rasi People those who are searching for a job will get a suitable job with good salary. This is time for your improvement and promotion in your career.  
kumbha rasi dhanishta nakshatra 2013 : The first two part of this star is for Capricorn and the next two part is for Aquarius . The financial and career situation is comparatively good than lat year.

kumbha rasi astrology 2013 is giving good palan more in the second half when compare to the first half.  
kumbha rasi women characteristics: Kumbha rasi women are clever but lazy. Their carelessness gives bad name for them. This year you are having both plus and minus equally.
kumbha rasi palan July and August 2013 Finance: The month of July and august is financially good.

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