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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Numerology Palan in Tamil en Kanitham Jothidam 2013 Online Rasi Palan

Numerology Palan in Tamil en Kanitham Jothidam 2013 

This is Numerology palan in Tamil en kanitham jothidam 2013 Online Rasi Palan. Numerology is considered as one of the important branch in Astrology. In Tamil astrology horoscope the location of stars and planets for each rasi based on their birth time determine the future of a person. Here the numbers play a vital role in the prediction of future.

Nowadays Tamil names with numerology are becoming popular and people believe this en kanitham tamil predictions very much. En kanitham book with the values of each English alphabets are available in the book stores. Interested persons can buy this free en kanitham book and practice this Tamil numerology jothidam easily at home.
Tamil numerology calculator online

In numerology chart 2013 we can predict the future astrology by calculating the alphabets for our names. Write the spelling of your name correctly in English.  Each English letter is valued with a number. Write the number for your name by referring the below Tamil numerology table. Then add the numbers and get the two digits total. Again add the two digits to get a single digit. As per this calculation you can also get Tamil numerology lucky numbers.

Numerology chart 2013 Table

English Alphabets
Number Value
A, I, J, Q, Y
B, K, R
C, G, L, S
D, M, T
E, H, N, X
U, V, W
O, Z
F, P

Tamil numerology alphabet calculation

Tamil numerology calculator online Example: Name: N. Raju       
N= 5, R= 2, A = 1, J = 1, u= 6
1+5 = 6
The compatibility between your name and birth date, month and year should be good.
According to this calculation numerology Tamil names can be changed to get the balance of birth day date and name.  Tamil numerology letter values are constant for all places so can do this numerology 2013 based on date of birth from any place. If there is any mismatch with birth day date and your name  do some change in Tamil numerology names with meaning. For more details visit any Tamil numerology website available online. Calculate rasi numerology for your name as the method mentioned above and find the compatibility. Note: Tamil numerology software free version is available online

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