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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Numerology Palan in Tamil en Kanitham Jothidam 2013 Online Rasi Palan

Numerology Palan in Tamil en Kanitham Jothidam 2013 

This is Numerology palan in Tamil en kanitham jothidam 2013 Online Rasi Palan. Numerology is considered as one of the important branch in Astrology. In Tamil astrology horoscope the location of stars and planets for each rasi based on their birth time determine the future of a person. Here the numbers play a vital role in the prediction of future.

Nowadays Tamil names with numerology are becoming popular and people believe this en kanitham tamil predictions very much. En kanitham book with the values of each English alphabets are available in the book stores. Interested persons can buy this free en kanitham book and practice this Tamil numerology jothidam easily at home.
Tamil numerology calculator online

In numerology chart 2013 we can predict the future astrology by calculating the alphabets for our names. Write the spelling of your name correctly in English.  Each English letter is valued with a number. Write the number for your name by referring the below Tamil numerology table. Then add the numbers and get the two digits total. Again add the two digits to get a single digit. As per this calculation you can also get Tamil numerology lucky numbers.

Numerology chart 2013 Table

English Alphabets
Number Value
A, I, J, Q, Y
B, K, R
C, G, L, S
D, M, T
E, H, N, X
U, V, W
O, Z
F, P

Tamil numerology alphabet calculation

Tamil numerology calculator online Example: Name: N. Raju       
N= 5, R= 2, A = 1, J = 1, u= 6
1+5 = 6
The compatibility between your name and birth date, month and year should be good.
According to this calculation numerology Tamil names can be changed to get the balance of birth day date and name.  Tamil numerology letter values are constant for all places so can do this numerology 2013 based on date of birth from any place. If there is any mismatch with birth day date and your name  do some change in Tamil numerology names with meaning. For more details visit any Tamil numerology website available online. Calculate rasi numerology for your name as the method mentioned above and find the compatibility. Note: Tamil numerology software free version is available online

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Mithuna Rasi palan 2013 Tamil Horoscope Predictions Forecast

 Mithuna Rasi palan 2013 Tamil Horoscope Predictions Forecast
The nakshatra for mithuna rasi are may be thiruvathirai, mirugasirisham and punarpoosam.
Guru is located in viraya sthanam from January to May after this guru peyarchi 2014 there will be improvement in your carrier and finance. For your rasi, the location of rahu in 5th house, ketu in 11th house and sani in 5th house gives both good and bad effects. Mithuna rasi palan 2013 in Tamil panchangam prediction gives 75% of positive changes for mithuna rasi people. Mithuna rasi today you people are in some trouble and you are waiting for get out of that but the thing will not happen immediately or tomorrow. The time will come to put full stop after this August 2013.  

Mithuna rasi 2013 for students: In the year 2013 -2014 students should work hard to get good level and should put their efforts to get success in their exams. Mithuna rasi palan 2013 in English astrology gives the prediction of lucky month for business people. 
Mithuna rasi 2013 career: There is no much improvement or carrier change in your profession, but this year is very good for formers and self work people. When analyze the graga nilai of  Mithuna rasi palan 2014, comparatively excellent improvement in  your carrier. 
Mithuna rasi 2013 predictions is food for family life. Newly married couples get some misunderstandings. Children make you proud by their activities. 
Mithun rashi bhavishya 2013 Health rasipalan:  There is no much improvement in your health till June 2013. From the month of July 2013 your will get gradual improvement in your health and will get rid of long term diseases.  Mithuna rasi 2013 horoscope gives you some negative impacts among friends and relatives because of the location of ketu. 
Mithuna rasi sani peyarchi 2013 stats that shani moves to fifth house it is called Poorva Punya Sthana. It will not affect your day to day activities much.
Mithuna rasi 2013 forecast & parikaram: Visit Saneeswaran temple on Saturdays.
Note: Mmithuna rasi 2013 monthly predictions will be updated every month.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Kumbha rasipalan 2013 Predictions

Kumbha rasipalan 2013 Predictions
This is Kumbha rasipalan 2013 predictions and parikaram.  
Kumbha rasi character: you are very intelligent people, prized by people. The excellent memory helps you to achieve the things easily.      
kumbha rasi forecast 2013: Kumbha rashi bhavishya 2013 starts with Rasinathan utchanm, so you will get good opportunities in life and career for this year. The location of raghu and kethu is neutralizing each other. You feel like getting profit but at the time of getting it will vanish.
Chandran is at 6th position that is in his own house so you should be very careful because you will get into the trouble by your own. Be silent to avoid problems. Before kumbha rasi guru transit 2013(27.5.2013)is good and lucky time, the obstacles in education and marriage will be removed.  
 As per the predictions of kumba rasi palan in Tamil panchangam, your financial situation will be improved, chance to change your work or business. Ragu is at 9th place so there will be some problem in parental asset.  The bad time of avittam natchathiram is changed by this New Year. Kumbha rasi avittam natchathiram 2013 people will get wealth and prosperity.
kumbha rasi Career 2013: Kumba rasi People those who are searching for a job will get a suitable job with good salary. This is time for your improvement and promotion in your career.  
kumbha rasi dhanishta nakshatra 2013 : The first two part of this star is for Capricorn and the next two part is for Aquarius . The financial and career situation is comparatively good than lat year.

kumbha rasi astrology 2013 is giving good palan more in the second half when compare to the first half.  
kumbha rasi women characteristics: Kumbha rasi women are clever but lazy. Their carelessness gives bad name for them. This year you are having both plus and minus equally.
kumbha rasi palan July and August 2013 Finance: The month of July and august is financially good.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Rasi Palan June 2013 Tamil

Rasi Palan 2013 June Month
This is June 2013 month rasi palan vaikashi and aani Tamil month.
Mesha rasi palan June 2013: This is Mesha rasi palan for the month of June 2013. The union of two planets venus and mercury gives you success in all your work. In carrier and finance you will achieve new improvements. 

Rishaba rasi palan June 2013: This is Rishaba rasi plan June 2013.The month June 2013 is one of the happiest. People in your family and relation can understand you and you will be satisfied with that.

Mithuna rasi palan June 2013: This is Mithuna rasi palan June 2013. You feel little harder to cope up with month because of  the location of mars. Your sincerity and courage brings some reward in this month. Extra concentration is needed while driving the four of two wheeler.

 Simha rasi palan for June 2013: It is a very usual month for Sima rasi people. All your work will go smoothly; the location of venus brings love in your heart. Take care of your health eat healthy food to avoid some resistance problems.

Kadaga rasi palan June 2013: This is Kadaga rasi palan June 2013. There is a chance to get some misunderstandings and issues in close relationship. You will get an excellent improvement in your carrier.

Simha rasi palan June 2013: This is Simha rasi palan June 2013. For Simha rasi people june months is neighter hard nor smooth. It is neutral; you will get some relaxation from your hard commitments by the month. Good chance to get some new projects.

Kanni rasi palan June 2013: This is Kanni  rasi palan June 2013. June is one of the exciting months of this year. You are and will give some special importance for your friendship. The location of Sun brings victory in your career.

Thula rasi palan June 2013: This is Thula rasi palan for the month of June. 2013. Thula rasi people find their pair, may be other language people. The marriage bell rings. The jobless get now career and their earnings will grow steadily.   

Vrischika rasi palan June 2013: This is Thula rasi palan for the month of June 2013. The fear and problems you faced by last three months will be vanished.  Your ability at your work brings rewards.

Dhanusu rasi palan June 2013: This is Dhanusu rasi palan for June month.  The month starts with full of energy and fun. There is a chance to do some new projects in partnership. Health condition will be improved.