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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Rasi Palan March 2014 Tamil

This is rasi palan March 2014 Tamil predictions. 

Mesha rasi palan March 2014
 This month is reasonably favourable for Arians. Long lingering financial matters will get resolved. Chances of promotion are more for the people who are in service industry. Second half of the month will be little stressful in family matters. Don’t ignore health issues.

Rishaba rasi palan March 2014
People under this sign have to execute plenty of hard work during this period. But you will receive complete benefits from your efforts. Guidance from elders will be supportive. You will enjoy financial stability this month.

Mithuna rasi palan March 2014
This month is not so trouble-free for Gemini people. Things will not set out according to your hope. Second half of the month will be better but be alert about the problems at your work place.

Kataka rasi palan March 2014
It is time to take action on your pending decisions. You have to handle a burden of extra liabilities. The people who are working in field of arts will get fame in this month.

Simha rasi palan March 2014
 Try to avoid friendship with strangers. There are strong chances of family conflicts due to mismatching. Financial side will be stronger this month. Take care of your mental health.

Kanni rasi palan March 2014
 Think twice before coming to any conclusion. Take any decision shrewdly. Try to balance your professional and personal life. Sudden financial gain is predicted. Your health will be improved.

Thula rasi palan March 2014
Be aware of your friends, they may set you in a big trouble. Family life may get disturbed so keep patience. Avoid a long journey. After 15th of March there will be some good news predicted.

Viruchigam rasi palan March 2014
 This month will be full of responsibilities for you in every field. Acquire a support from the elders in the family. Few health problems like indigestion are expected. You may have to go for a business trip by this month end.

Dhanusu rasi palan March 2014
 The people under this sign are most beneficial in this month. New opportunities will knock your doors. High achievement in financial level will raise your personal status also. Chances of new investments are predicted. You will enjoy family support and love throughout this month.

Kumba rasi palan March 2014
 The month March 2014 is not much supportive for the people under this sign. You may face hurdles in all the fields. Some misinterpretations may take place which can lead to discourteous situations. Be alert before you talk.

Meena rasi palan March 2014
Try to keep perfect balance between gain and spend. Financial crisis are predicted. Ladies will enjoy a quality time with their family. Be alert about stomach related problems.

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