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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sani Peryachi 2014 Predictions in Tamil Panchangam Rasi palan

Sani Peryachi 2014 Predictions in Tamil 
This is rasi palan sani peryachi 2014 Predictions as per Tamil panchangam. This is the period for sani peyarchi 2014 to 2017 astrology palanagal.
Sani peyarchi 2014 date - 2nd November 2014
Along with the transit of planet Jupiter in 2014, there is one more notable transit of the planet in the year 2014. That is the transit of Shani or Saturn. Sani is supposed to be the strongest of all planets.

Sani is moving from the star sign Libra and entering the sign Scorpio on 2nd November 2014 at 00:59 am. As per the astrology the sign Scorpio is ruled by Planet Mars and therefore it is an rival sign for Sani. The Saturn will stay for 2.5 years in Scorpio that is till 26th January 2017. The predictions say that the extended results of this transit can be seen in 2015 and 2016 too. Generally after every transit Saturn stays for 2.5 years in one zodiac sign but the impact of this transit remains much longer period.

Following are the forecasts for all the zodiac signs for Saturn transit 2014

Sani peyarchi 2014 for Mesha rasi: Sani peryachi 2014 rasi palan Arians will undergo a tough time as the Saturn transits in the 8th house of this sign. Better to finish your entire important task before 2nd November 2014 as the Saturn in 8th house may lead you towards frustration and postponement. It is strongly advised to pay extra attention towards your health. Back pain and knee pain may trouble you severely. Separation from the loved ones is also predicted.

Sani peyarchi 2014 for Rishaba rasi: Sani peryachi 2014 rasi palan 7th house of the star sign covers the fields like travel and individual relationship. Saturn is transiting in the 7th house of Taurus sign. You have to be alert about the people around you. They may try to spoil your reputation. You are advised to do lot of adjustments and conciliation to keep your reputation and relationship.

Sani peyarchi 2014 for Mithuna rasi: Sani peryachi 2014 rasi palan Saturn is entering in 6th house of Gemini sign. 6th house is supposed to be an unfavorable house. It rules over the fields like diseases, enemies, financial problems, lack of success etc. But Saturn transit in 6th house will give the favorable effect. Long pending matters will be resolved. New opportunities will be at your door step. You will enjoy both victory and prosperity together.

Sani Peyarchi 2014 for Kataka rasi: Sani peryachi 2014 rasi palan 5th house represents children, education and spirituality. Saturn transit in 5th house of cancer sign will direct to anxiety and lack of attention in the studies of children and students. Delay in educational plans in predicted. Though there will be improvement in financial status control on your expenditure is advised.

Sani peyarchi 2014 for Simha rasi: Sani peryachi 2014 rasi palan. Movement of Saturn in 4th house of the sign Leo is said to be troublesome transit. This transit is known as ‘Kantaka Shani’ It is most difficult financial period for Leo sign people. Money problems may lead you towards taking loans which can be a worst problem in future. Be alert in your career field as you may face the critical stage of being unemployed for some time.

Sani peyarchi 2014 for kanni rasi : Sani peryachi 2014 rasi palan the people under this sign will enjoy the favorable time of their life as Saturn moves in 3rd house which is a representative of courage. For this sign Saturn cycle of 7.5 years get over and leaves beneficial effects behind. Social
status and financial status will reach to superior level.

Sani peyarchi 2014 Thula rasi: Sani peryachi 2014 rasi palan. Saturn moves in 2nd house in this sign. Libra sign is facing last 2.5 years of Saturn cycle. Financially this year is very tough for you. Think twice before you talk to avoid misunderstandings. Pay more attention on your health issues.

Sani peyarchi 2014 for vrischika rasi: Sani peryachi 2014 rasi palan this is the middle part of Saturn cycle for this sign. Many health related problems like leg and knee pain, backache or injuries, acidity are predicted. There are chances for investments in fixed assets like house of property.

Sani peyarchi 2014 Dhanusu rasi palan: Sani peryachi 2014 rasi palan , as Saturn is moving into the 12th house, it is a start of Saturn cycle for this sign. This start of first 2.5 years of Saturn cycle will lead you to some kind of health problems, financial instability, losses and crisis in personal relationships.

Sani peyarchi 2014 Makara rasi: Sani peryachi 2014 rasi palan, Saturn is the ruler of this sign which is now transiting in 11th position. People under this sign will enjoy good health, wealth, status, relationship and much more. Take maximum advantage of this wonderful situation.

Sani peyarchi 2014 Kumbha rasi: Sani peryachi 2014 rasi palan , 2014 transits Saturn in the 10th house of Aquarius. You face some challenges at your work place and new job opportunities are predicted but delay in work may lead you towards disturbance. Be alert about health.

Sani peyarchi 2014 Meena rasi: Sani peryachi 2014 rasi palan, 9th house controls spirituality, long distance journey and higher goals. Try to remove the restrictions and move ahead towards the goal. After the transit it is a little tough time for religious people.

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