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Friday, April 25, 2014

Career Rasi palan 2014

Career Rasi palan 2014
The year 2014 is going to face two major transits of planets that is Guru Transit and Saturn Transit. Along with these two major planets, Rahu and Ketu are also transiting from their position this year. This movement of planets will bring many positive as well as negative effects on each rasi, especially on the field of career and business. Let’s take a look over how the year 2014 deals with the career option of each rasi:

Mesha rasi career 2014
Aries: The situation will not be as easy as you feel. It is very difficult to fulfill the expectations of everyone but try to give your best. The opportunities will be in front of you but it will be hard to catch them. Do not let the problems disturb your mind and your inner strength.

Rishaba Rasi career 2014
Taurus: New contacts will be very beneficial to you to up bring your career. New responsibilities will be on your shoulders and the year will be stressful to you. But at the end of the year you will get a satisfaction for the efforts you have given. Do not try any type of new venture or job changing during this year as it may not be fruitful. Financial flow will be smooth this year.

Mithuna rasi career 2014
Gemini: You may have to face unexpected expenses during the first half of this year. If you are self employed then there are many chances to get new opportunities. New ideas and plans can be successful by the end of the year. Second half of the year will be beneficial for your business or job.

Kataka rasi career 2014
Cancer: Your good fortune will follow you in this year 2014. Your career will give you high status and high reputation during this year. After the first half of the year you can get outstanding career opportunities and even you can complete your dreams and plan by the end of the year 2014. After September there are chances of promotion and bonus for those who are in jobs.

Simha  rasi career 2014
Leo: Though the first half of the year will be stressful, the second half will be much beneficial for you. Do not trust on strangers in the matter of your business or job. Try to control your temperament and avoid arguments with seniors in job. The end of this year will show you the way to success.

Kanni rasi career 2014
Virgo: The year will not show much change in your career level. The financial condition will be moderate. Do not invest money during this year. It is also advised that in money matter don’t trust your friends. The rapid development in business field can be seen after ideas. New career opportunities will knock your door.

Thula rasi career 2014
Libra: Again the first half of the year is not so beneficial for the people under libra rashi. The priod of March, April and May will be crucial but after June you can find a way towards success. Financial condition will not be satisfactory but you can maintain your social status with your work.

Vrischika rashi career 2014
Scorpio: You will try to establish your business during this year and efforts will be successful after the month of May only. In the month of June you can try for new business opportunities or new job. The financial condition will be steady and the chances of progress will encourage you in doing best in your job.

Dhanusu rasi career 2014
Sagittarius: The first 4 months of this year will be troublesome for you in the matter of money. The expenses will be high and the income will be low. You can see a positive change in your career level only after the month of July. Great income opportunities and high status level will fill your life with joy and cheer.

Makara rasi career 2014
Capricorn: To achieve your goal you have to work hard. Try to avoid small and silly mistakes in your job or business. If you want to gain success then concentrate on your work completely. Avoid taking short cuts to reach your goal. The second half of the year will be lucky for your. Sudden money gain is expected.

Kumbha rasi career 2014
Aquarius: The new responsibilities in job will lead you towards stress. Your career will give you opportunities to travel a lot during this year. New ideas and experts guidance will show you the way to success. Though the year will prove hectic for you, you can achieve lot of success in the end.

Meena rasi career 2014
Pisces: This year your career will see the height of success. The every task you do will be successful and lead you towards high status. The people who are in business can get new opportunities after July. In short good fortune will follow you in the second half of the year.

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