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Sunday, April 27, 2014

May 2014 Rasi Palan Tamil Matha Jothidam.

This is May 2014 Rasi Palan Tamil Matha Jothidam.
Mesha rasi palan May 2014
The month of May is not very fruitful for the people of this rashi. Try to avoid hot discussions at your career place as it can bring unwanted situation. You have to control your words and think twice before you speak. Mars is the supportive planet for you in this month. Financial status will be stable. Take care of your health.

Rishaba rasi palan May 2014
Be alert about financial matters and financial documents. Jupiter planet is helpful for people under Taurus rashi. You may have to spend lot of time on government and legal matters. Try to avoid unnecessary expenditures. Try to maintain good relationship with your family and friends. Chances of long journey are high.

Mithuna rasi palan May 2014
You are going to enjoy the high status during this month. Family functions and celebrations will boost your energy level. Good news will be waiting for you this month. Money flow will be moderate and the health will be fine. Overall this month will bring you joy and happiness.

Kataka rasi palan May 2014
You will enjoy high level of self confidence in this month. Old and long lingering plans will come true this month. Sudden wealth or property gain is predicted. This is the month when you can enjoy health, wealth and status. Spend a quality time with your family.

Simha rasi palan May 2014
Your efforts and hard work will bring lots of opportunities for you in this month. The second half is very beneficial for you. Family problems will be solved and you can receive good news about your children. The home and office atmosphere will be cheerful.

Kanni rasi palan May 2014
Try to give respect and proper importance for the opinions of the friends and colleagues. Try to avoid misunderstanding in family matters. You may feel problems to keep the promises which can lead to confusions. Be alert while spending money.
Thula rasi palan May 2014
The planet situations show that you have to hard efforts to achieve desired goal. Keep secrecy in financial matters. This month will be tough financially but your firmness and efforts will help you to overcome the situation. You may meet your old friends and relatives which can bring cheer in your life.
Viruchigam rasi palan May 2014
Planet position is positive and your efforts will be additional qualification this month. Financial position will be high and you will enjoy great social status. Chances of family tours are high. Overall this month will bring positive energy for the people under this rashi.

Dhanusu rasi palan May2014
Don’t trust anyone as there is every chance of getting deceived this month. Very small issues can go fussy and bring problematic situation. Planet Jupiter is the ruler of this rashi which will show very positive and supportive results. You may plan of business journeys.

Makara rasi palan May 2014
This month will be full of family enjoyment. Take advice of elders while investing in new venture. Some may face health problems due to excess heat. Long lingering property issues will get solved by the end of this month.

Kumba rasi palan May 2014
The situation in this month is positive. Concentrate on your important tasks during second half of this month. Family will be supportive in all matters. You may get good news from a very close person. Be perfect in completing your duties.

Meena rasi palan May 2014
It is not easy to achieve the success but nothing is impossible when the strong will present. Money status will be high but chances of conflicts with family are high. Second half of the month will be cheerful and beneficial.

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