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Monday, July 21, 2014

August 2014 Rasi Palan / Aadi matha rasi palan tamil 2014

August 2014 Rasi Palan Tamil Matha Jothidam
This is the astrology information on June 2014 rasi palan  aadi matha rasi palan tamil 2014 jothidam. 

Mesha rasi palan July 2014 Aries: 
Your planet condition advises you to be alert in this month. Take opinion of your elders and seniors before making any important decision. Mental tensions are predicted due to family members. Keep control on expenditure.

Rishaba rasi palan July 2014 Taurus: 
This month will be cheerful for you. Income flow will be satisfactory. Success will bring happiness in your life. Your social status will be on the top during this month. Take part in religious acts for mental peace.

Mithuna rasi palan July 2014 Gemini: 
Mercury and Jupiter are in favourable houses. You can achieve a grand success in your business. Employees can wait for promotions this month. The second half of the month will prove more profitable.

Kataka rasi palan July 2014 Cancer:
Satisfaction after grand success is always cheerful. You are going to face the same during the month of August. Think about future consequences while finalizing any financial deal. People who are connected with the fields like arts and culture can get name and fame.

Shima rasi palan July 2014 Leo: 
Some time we need to compromise in certain situations. Think twice before taking decision. Keep secrecy in financial matters. Avoid any new investment during this month.

Kanni  rasi palan July 2014 Virgo: 
one or the other solution is available for each problem. Do not give up your hopes. Use your skill to get success. Your business journeys will be successful. Health will be good this month.

Thula rasi palan July 2014 Libra: 
This month will show you lots of happiness and hopes. Positive and enthusiastic atmosphere at work place will give you more support and energy to give your best. Financial level will be high but avoid doing unnecessary expenses. Some family problems may occur during second half of the month.

Viruchigam rasi palan July 2014 Scorpio: 
Jupiter is in favourable condition which will be helpful to overcome tough situations. New ideas can be fulfilled easily. Family life will be supportive. Take care of health of elders in the family.

Dhanusu rasi palan July 2014 Sagittarius: 
Try to maintain good relationship at your work place. In critical situation your mental balance can help you to come out easily. New contacts can prove beneficial. People in the field of sports will enjoy fame in this month.

Makara rasi palan July 2014 Capricorn: 
At present your rashi is under great support of Jupiter. New plans and ideas can get praising and supports from others. Purchase of vehicle is highly predicted. Be alert about your health as some digestion problems may occur.

Kumba rasi palan July 2014 Aquarius: 
Your predictions will prove in your career field this can give you new confidence and energy in your job. You can invest in partnership deal this month as it can be fruitful. Be careful about the health of your parents.

Meena rasi palan July 2014 Pisces: 
The period is not much favourable for you. But Jupiter’s support will not show the face of defeat. Your inner strength will encourage you to fight against any situation. Chances of getting good news are high in the second half of the month.

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