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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Sani Peyarchi Pariharam 2014 Remedies Rasi Palan

This is Sani Peyarchi Pariharam 2014 Remedies Rasi Palan for all 12 rasis.  The below mentioned remedies can give good positive changes for your Saturn transit 2014.

Mesha rasi sani peyarchi pariharam 2014
Aries remedies: Saturn transit will show you favourable effects this year. You can earn more success by praying Lord Ganesha. Visit orphanages or old age homes on Saturdays and offer food and clothes to the children and aged people to gain good wishes from them. The sound of iron hinges while opening or closing door is not considered as a good luck, so better to keep them well oiled. Visit Shaneshwara temple and Anjaneya temple every Saturday and offer mustard oil to gods for benefits and progress.

Rishaba rasi sani peyarchi pariharam 2014
Taurus Remedies:Satrun transit is going to give you lot of domestic as well as career tensions. To get relief from the tensions and to calm down your mind, recite Shiva Panchakshari Mantra 108 times daily. Worship goddess Durga and recite Durga Saptasloki daily for mental strength. The blessings acquired from guru and parents always help to survive in difficult situations. Provide cloths to teachers who are in financially poor condition. Try to help poor and needy people with food and clothes. Help mentally challenged people to solve problems in your progress. Try to lead the life without any type of addictions. Offering sweets to blind people will prove beneficial for you.

Mithuna rasi sani peyarchi pariharam 2014
Gemini Remedies:
Saturn transit is not going to prove much favourable for you. Praying God Shani can be useful remedy to find a solution to your problems. Visit Ganesha temple every Friday and Shani temple or Anjaneya Temple every Saturday. Reciting Narasimha Karavalamba Stothra daily will be very beneficial for you. Lighting lamps with gingili oil in temple will show you positive results. Avoid using black clothes and every Saturday donate shell covered almonds.

Kataka rasi sani peyarchi pariharam 2014
Cancer remedies:
Saturn transit will prove beneficial for you. Daily prayer is necessary to enjoy your success. Mother’s blessings always give positive effects so every Monday seek blessings from your mother. Worship lord shiva and shakti for uninterrupted success. Those who are doing fasting on full moon day should offer food and clothes to old ladies for more benefits. The position of planet Saturn is very good this time, to make it stronger feed crows with sweet bread.

Shima rasi sani peyarchi pariharam 2014
Leo Remedies:
Saturn transit will bring you mixed results this year. Recite Hanuman Chalisa daily and visit Hanuman temple every Saturday and Wednesday to reduce the bad effects of Shani transit. Offer udal dal vadas and rice to poor people and handicapped people. Chanting Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra and worshipping lord Shiva daily will keep you safe from troubles and health problems.

Kanni  rasi sani peyarchi pariharam 2014
Virgo remedies:
Saturn transit will not show any remarkable effect on your career but family problems are predicted. Reciting Durga Sapta Shloki and visiting Durga temple every Tuesday will show you positive effects. Light pure ghee lamp in front of the goddess. Reciting Narasimha Karavalamba stotram also can be good remedy to overcome the problematic situation. Visit Anjaneya Temple every Saturday and offer butter while worshiping Anjaneya. Feed crows and street dogs to get relief from the reverse effects of Saturn transit.

Thula rasi sani peyarchi pariharam 2014
Libra Remedies:
These are the final 2 1⁄2 years of shani in your rashi and the transit will bring many negative effects on the rashi. Visit Hanumana temple or Ganesh Temple every Saturday and light gingili oil lamps in temple. Pray God Narayana, Hanuman on Wednesdays or Saturdays and feed poor and needy people. Be respectful with your servants and workers.

Viruchigam rasi sani peyarchi pariharam 2014
Scorpio Remedies:
Saturn transit will give you most successful period in your life. Worship your family god daily for success and peace of mind. Help poor and handicapped people. Visit Navagraha temple for happiness in your family. Every Saturday visit Hanuman temple or shani temple and donate black urad dal. Avoid using copper based utensils.
Dhanusu rasi sani peyarchi pariharam 2014
Sagittarius Remedies:
Saturn transit will affect your career this year. Recite Durga Sapta Shloki daily and worship goddess Durga. Chanting of Mrutyunjaya Japa will be helpful for your healthy life. Offer rice, black gram vadas, and gingely seeds to poor and handicapped people. Worshipping Hanuman and Lord Shiva will release tensions and bring cheer in your life. Feed fish with wheat flour balls.

Makara rasi sani peyarchi pariharam 2014
Capricorn Remedies:
Saturn transit will lead you towards some financial problems. Visit Shiva temples every Monday and chant Ganesha Pancharatna or Bilvashtakam stotram for better results. Help needy children in their education. Pray Hanuman or Lord Vishnu on Saturdays and Thursdays. Offer black til in Hanuman temple every Saturday. Avoid using blue clothes.

Kumba rasi sani peyarchi pariharam 2014
Aquarius Remedies:
Be ready for some unwanted situations due to Saturn transit this year. Daily recite Mrityunjaya Mantra or Shiva Panchakshari to bring the situation under control. Visit Narasimha Swami temple on Saturdays. Offer butter in Hanuman temple. Lighting clay lamp in front of Kala Bhairav on Saturdays will be beneficial for you. Offer food to poor people on every Saturday. Avoid using leather purse to keep money. Feed black dog every Saturday.

Meena rasi sani peyarchi pariharam 2014
Pisces remedies:
Saturn transit will show you mixed results this year. Visit Ganesha Temple on Fridays and recite Ganesha Pancharatna daily. Offer yellow cloth and Bilwa leaves to Lord shiva on Thursday. On Saturday visit Hanuman temple. Help poor and needy people. Donate food to beggars. Avoid keeping rusted iron items in home.


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