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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Chithirai puthandu tamil rasi palan 2015 April month horoscope

This is Chithirai puthandu tamil rasi palan 2015 April month horoscope.

Mesha rasi palan April 2015 Aries: The month is bit difficult for you. If you are involved in business, then first think about expenses before taking any decision. Avoid small misunderstanding in family. Try to balance between work and relation

Rishaba rasi palan April 2015 Taurus: The first half of the month is beneficial for you so try to finish your important works during this period. If you are involved in partnership then be alert about that. Family life will be cheerful because of good news. Take care of your health during the second half of the month

Mithuna rasi palan April 2015 Gemini: The time is progressive for you. Take advantage of the time and try to earn maximum benefit. Pending works will be fulfilled successfully. Financial position will be satisfactory. New contacts will be beneficial.

Kataka rasi palan April 2015 Cancer: The month will bring lots of problems for you. Unnecessary expenses will disturb your budget. Mind will get upset because of problems. You need to adjust with the circumstances. Ladies should control their anger in family matters

Shima rasi palan April 2015 Leo: Disputes cannot solve the problem but it can make it worst, try to find way to solve it. Overload of work will make your life stressful. Chances of getting ancestor property are high. Long journeys for religious reasons are predicted

Kanni  rasi palan April 2015 Virgo: The month is telling you to continue with your efforts. Your concentration and efforts will give you expected rewards. Your rivals will take disadvantage of your straight behavior. Children will give you good news.

Thula rasi palan April 2015 Libra: Planet condition is favorable for you during this month. Career level will improve because of your hard work. You will be successful to achieve confidence of your seniors. Financial status will be high. Be careful about relationships

Viruchiga rasi palan April 2015 Scorpio: you can gain high success in Career and business. Don’t depend upon others for any important work. Give your best to achieve success. Family life will be cheerful. Avoid unwanted expenses. Financial status will be stable

Dhanusu rasi palan April 2015 Sagittarius: your mental status will not be good in the month of April. Family misunderstandings and financial problems will disturb your life. Be patient in this difficult time. Unemployed people will get good job opportunities.

Makara rasi palan April 2015 Capricorn: The planet condition will give mixed results. Be alert while taking decisions. Financial side will be bit weak, avoid extra expenses. The second half of the month is difficult for you. Take care of your valuables in the journey

Kumba rasi palan April 2015 Aquarius: The month will bring lots of success for you. You can achieve high status in business and career. Friends and relatives will be useful. The second half of the month will be beneficial. Family life will be supportive. Financial status will improve.

Meena rasi palan April 2015 Pisces: Keep faith on your efforts while taking important decisions. Chances of disputes with partners are predicted. Financial flow will reduce; this can bring some problems in family.

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