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Saturday, May 9, 2015

May 2015 rasi palan vaikasi matha rasi palan Tamil

May 2015 rasi palan 
Find the May 2015 rasi palan vaikasi matha rasi palan Tamil prediction astrology.

Mesha rasi palan May 2015 : The month is beneficial for you. Those who are engaged in business can hope for growth and success. The month is very good for artists and sports people. Financial flow will increase.

Rishaba rasi palan May 2015 : The month is not going to show you positive results. The stress level will increase and you need to control your mind. Expenditure will be more than income. Family disputes are predicted.

Mithuna rasi palan May 2015 : The first half of the month will show you days of success. Career will improve and sudden financial gain is expected. But be alert during the second half of the month. Take advice of your seniors before taking any decision.

Kataka rasi palan May 2015 : May 2015 will bring good luck for your rashi. Those who are searching for job can get better opportunity. Friends and relatives will be supportive. Family life will be cheerful. Chances of promotion are high.

Shima rasi palan May 2015 The month will bring some problems for you. Be ready for some negative results in your job or business. Financial loss is expected. The second half of the month will be show you some good things. Control your expenditure.

Kanni  rasi palan May 2015 The month is full of troubles but the support of Jupiter will bring you out safely. Income flow will reduce and expenditure will increase. Take care of your health throughout the month.

Thula rasi palan May 2015 Be ready to face financial problems in the month of May. Stress level will increase. Avoid business tours this month. Family misunderstanding will increase your tensions and problems.

Viruchiga rasi palan May 2015 : Days are good for business people. New investments can be successful if invested wisely. Family trips are expected. Minor health problems can occur. Earn nice income during the month.

Dhanusu rasi palan May 2015: Be alert about the activities of your rivals. Income will be moderate but it will be difficult for you to manage expenditure. Avoid investing in new ventures. Family life will be smooth.

Makara rasi palan May 2015 : Chances of getting cheated are very high during this month. Take decisions wisely in financial matters. Get good news from children. Family will be supportive. Involve yourself in religious activities for mental health.

Kumba rasi palan May 2015 : Enjoy high social and financial status in this month. Your efforts and knowledge will be rewarded. Health will be fine. New business contacts will be helpful for the future plans.

Meena rasi palan May 2015 : Even though you may face some problems during the first half of the month, the remaining period of the month will show you some good days. Career graph will be stable but some financial crises will disturb your budget. Spend some quality time with family.

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