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Friday, February 24, 2012

Rishaba Rasi Palan 2012 Tamil with Guru Peyarchi Predictions

Rishaba Rasi Palan 2012

Rishaba rasi rohini nakshatra 2012 Palan starts with love and affection. The predictions are given in Rishaba rasi 2012 in Tamil Panchangam. Your rasi is on second position and ox is symbol. Taurus is the female rasi, the characters are love, calm, smiling, enthusiastic person. You are skilled and can earn much by your knowledge and hard work.  Rishaba rasi 2012 predictions stars with vibaritha rajayougam. This year the guru change also gives rajayogam guru peyarchi 2012.

Rishaba rasi palan 2012 in Tamil Panchangam: This is begins with excellence, the situation comes like giving trouble but actually it brings good things for you so don’t afraid of anything. Rishaba rasi palan 2012 in English astrological Predictions says that you will get some trouble from your parent’s side but it will not affect much. Guru peyarchi 2012 makes the guru to see the 4th 6th and 8th places, this will favour you to get new land, vehicle or house.

Rishaba rasi palangal 2012 parikaram for your Rishabam Rasi is to go perumal temple, it is better to go Thirupathi temple. Your birth rasi is Sukran, so you are having the special blessings of Devi Lakshmi.
Luckey colours for Rishaba rasi 2012 (lucky colour for Taurus) - avoid black and red. Yellow is luckey.
Lucky number for taurus (Rishabam Luckey numbers): 5,6


  1. Hi Meena,
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  2. This is a genuine prediction .. It happened to me last year