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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tamil Jothidam for Kadagam 2012 Rasi Palan

Tamil Jothidam for Kadagam 2012 Rasi Palan
Stars for Kadaga rasi are poosam nakshatra, ayilyam nakshatra, and ponar poosam nakshatra. As per Tamil Panchangam 2012, this year is neigther neither good nor bad for Kadagam.  You will get some relaxation from the tight financial situation.  There is a chance for binding the long term broken relationship.
Kadaga  Rasi Palan  February 2012: Kadagam rasi will be gradually relieved from all your problems. Broken relationship from your relative and friend’s side will come closer to get bind. Financial situation will be good and you will have some small health problems by the month of February 2012.
Kadaga  Rasi Palan  March 2012: Kadagam rasi, this month Tamil jothidam for Kadagam  2012 stats that you will get some financial problems. You will spend much for medical expense. 
Kadaga  Rasi Palan April 2012: Kadagam rasi,  April month brings you great honour. It is better to get away from other problems. This month you will manage all your financial needs very easily.
  Kadaga  Rasi Palan May 2012: guru peyarchi 2012 brings joy for Kadagam rasi, The obstacles from you way will be removed by this month. You will get victory in all your business and other financial income. This month you can get new vehicle or land.
  Kadaga  Rasi Palan June 2012: Kadagam rasi people will be in wealth, your business goes well in June. This is the time for your victory. Take the advice of elders to avoid problems.
  Kadaga  Rasi Palan July 2012: Kadagam rasi people are over confident in nature. You will be very busy in July. You will be rewarded and get good name in your profession. Control your anger.  
  Kadaga  Rasi Palan August 2012: The month of August is not good for kadagam  and you will be cheated by a familiar person. Be careful before investing anything. Don’t support other financially, you will be troubled.      
  Kadaga  Rasi Palan September 2012: This month is good for government job holders and you will get promotions in your job. You will be appreciated and purchase ornaments and garments for your family   
  Kadaga  Rasi Palan October 2012: This month is good for students. All your fear will goes off, you should put some effort to achieve the goal. Over all this is a month of victory for Kadagam.
   Kadaga  Rasi Palan November  2012: You are thinking that there is nobody to understand your character, don’t confuse yourself do mediation or  practice slogas. 
  Kadaga  Rasi Palan December  2012: In the year end of 2012, you will have both positive and negative happenings equally. You will get a positive result for your long time prayer.
Tamil Jothidam for Kadagam 2012 Rasi Palan is equal positive and negative events for you.