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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Daily Tamil Rasi Palan 2012 Horoscope

Daily Tamil Rasi Palan 2012 Horoscope 
Daily Tamil Rasi Palan 2012 gives today predictions. Here I have given daily rasi palan 2012 in Tamil.  The predictions of today horoscope are purely based on the reference of Tamil Jothidam books.

1.   Mesha rasi Daily Rasi Palan:
Mesham rasi character is strong mind and loving heart. Today is the victory day for you. You will be pleased with your work and get more profit.

2.   Rishaba Rasi Daily Rasi Palan:
Rishaba Character 2012: love and care hearted people. Tody’s work will be finished very smoothly. You will be praised for your great work.

3.   Mithuna Rasi Daily Rasi Palan:
Mithunam Rasi Character 2012: Mithuna rasi people give more importance to friends. Chandrashtama date is 6th July. Be careful on that day and 7th is usual day for you.

4.   Kadaka Rasi  Daily Rasi Palan:
Kadagam Characters 2012: very knowledgeable, talkative you are.  Chandrashtama dates for you are 7th and 8th of July. Be careful and avoid your travel.

5.   Simha Rasi Daily Palan :
Shima rasi characters 2012: you are strong hearted and easily finish any work with the help of your knowledge.
Business people get the reward for their headwork and peaceful day for you.

6.   Kanni Rasi Daily Palan:
Kanni rasi Character: Man with the power of thinking. Work out and get victory for your thinking.
Chance to meet your childhood friend, no time to take rest and today you will finish an important work which was planned long age.

7.   Thula Rasi Daily Rasi Palan:
Thulam rasi Characters:  Very excellent human natured character, helping hearted people.
You should be very careful in your today’s work especially share market business people.

8.   Viruchigam  Daily Rasi Palan:
Vrischika rasi Character:  you are always thinking about your future and plans for life.
Today you should take care of your health. The whole week was very dull but from today the situation improves positively.

9.   Dhanusu Daily Rasi Palan:
Character of Dhanu rashi : loving hearted people and more talkative.
Today you are having a chance to meet one of your close relative and avoid spending much. Today you are having a chance to lose something.  

10.                Magaram Rasi Palan:
Character of Makara rasi: You people always have your own laws and tricks to succeed a work.
Today you will face a big obstacle in your work and you will remove that with your knowledge.

11.     Kumbam daily Rasi palan:
Kumbha rasi characters: you people have an excellent learning power. Ability to learn anything just by watching.  
kumbha rasi daily horoscope stats that today will get some rewards from your higher officials.

12.      Meena rasi Daily Horoscope :
Meena rasi character: you people are most attractive with your love and caring words.
Today you will get a good news from north side. Very happy day for you.


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