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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

August month Rasi Palan 2012 | Avani matha Rasi Palan Horoscope

This is August month rasi palan for all the 12 rasi. Tamil Avani matham starts by the middle of August  
August month rasi palan 2012- Tamil aavani matha rasipalan Horoscope

  • Mesha rasi palan August 2012: This month sani is in your rasi so there is very less chance for enjoyment. Be allart and do the things carefully.
  • Rishaba rasi palan August 2012: three will be some proble in couple relationship so maintain the close relationships carefully.
  • Mithuna rasi palan August 2012:Good improvement in your health condition.
  • Kadaga rasi palan August 2012: your career plans starts with little difficulty and and ends smoothly.
  • Simha rasi palan August 2012: you are going to get a pleasant surprise which makes you to fly on the air.
  • Kanni rasi palan August 2012: This is a sentimental month for your love and friendship. Take care of your health by last week of August
  • Thula rasi palan August 2012: This is very emotional and stress full month for you.
  • Viruchigam rasi palan August 2012: more bind in husband wife relationship. This month is Financially  good for you.
  • Dhanusu rasi palan August 2012: you will have double energy because of  Jupiter placement. One of the best month for you.
  • Makara rasi palan August 2012: you should put more energy to get success in all your activities.
  • Kumbha rasi palan August 2012: Financial condition will be good than last month. Speak openly to avoid problems in the family.
  • Meena rasi palan August 2012: Your love become more stronger due to the position of venus in Kataka rashi. Avoid lending and borrowing money. 

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