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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Rasi palan 2012 viruchigam Keetai Tamil Predictions

Rasi palan 2012 viruchigam 
This is viruchigam rasi palan 2012 in English horoscope predicted as per Tamil pachangam. Kiruthikai, Keetai and Anusham.  

Viruchigam rasi kettai palan 2012

Viruchigam rasi Nathan is getting strength in sevvai 10th place. He is getting the vision of Guru. Sevvai is also seeing his rasi from his place.  

Viruchigam August  2012 Rasi palan: August month is the union period of sevvai and sani in the 11th place. You can get money back from your friends and relatives. Peaceful time and this is the apt time for a trip.
Viruchigam September 2012 Rasi palan: This is the opposite situation of August month. You will try to increase your earnings. You will face more loss than gain.

Viruchigam October 2012 rasi palan: guru is going to get vaggram in rishabam rasi. You should be very careful about your partners deal. Minimize your anger to achieve good.
Viruchigam November 2012 Rasi palan: In November 2012 month Ragu (12th palce) is in Thula rasi and kethu(6th place) is in Mesha rasi. They are going to give nice profit for you.

Viruchigam December 2012 Rasi palan: December month is good to start a new business. Ragu kethu  are at a hide place so this is the best time to satisfy all your needs without getting any trouble.

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