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Saturday, September 1, 2012

September Month Rasi palan 2012 | Purattasi Tamil Matha 2012 Horoscope

September Month Rasi palan 2012
This is September Month Rasi palan 2012. Tamil Purattasi month is going to start by middle of September month that is on 17th of September 2012.
Mesha rasi palan September 2012 Aries:  This month is very successful month for you. The planets venus and jupitar helps you a lot to achieve your goal with out any delay.
  •  Rishaba rasi palan September 2012 Tarus: This month is little risky and you should act very carefully.  You will face some emotionally bay happenings.
  • Mithuna rasi palan September 2012 Gemini: you are having better opportunities and good time in the second half of the month. 
  • Kadaga rasi palan September 2012 Cancer: The planet mars is shining in excellent position so this month is good for both wealth and career.
  •  Simha rasi palan September 2012 Leo: Take care of your health. The planet venus boost your confidence level to get success in all your work. 
  • Kanni rasi palan September 2012 Virgo: It is very difficult go for any conclusion in your profession. Health is good and careful, while travelling.
  • Thula rasi palan September 2012 Libra: You will get profit in partnership business. You will lose some of your energy and less active.
  • Viruchigam rasi palan September 2012 Scorpio: You should put more effort to achieve your thoughts. Chance for little bleeding so be careful in your health.
  • Dhanusu rasi palan September 2012 Sagittarius: The relationship between the husband and wide, family relationship will be stronger.
  • Makara rasi palan September 2012 Capricorn: psychologically you will face a type of depression. Location of venus is good and you will get some rewards in the second half of the month.
  • Kumbha rasi palan September 2012 Aquarius: Financially good month for you and you should put some extra energy to achieve the usual things.
  • Meena rasi palan September 2012 Pisces: This is financially favorable  month for you. You will get a clear solution for your ever mind confusing problem.  

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