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Friday, September 28, 2012

October Month Rasi Palan 2012 | Aippasi Tamil Matha 2012 Horoscope

October Month Rasi palan 2012 Tamil Aippasi matha palan
This page is October Month Rasi palan 2012 Tamil Aippasi matha Horoscope.  Aippasi Tamil Month starts by 17th of October. Sani peyarchi October 2012 Palan also added.

Mesha rasi palan October 2012 Aries:  This is the time to be happy and celebrate. Finally Saturn sani is going to leave you after 3 months. Your success starts from this month.
Rishaba rasi palan October 2012 Tarus: This month is the best time to take some important decisions.  Good financial condition for whole month.
Mithuna rasi palan October 2012 Gemini: Jupiter helps you to get strong bonding between your loved ones. Saturn is entering to your rasi on 5th October. The staying time of sani is up to 2015.
Kadaga rasi palan October 2012 Cancer: This month is the struggling time. You will face some financial discomfort.
Simha rasi palan October 2012 Leo: You are more powerful in physical and mental aspect. Excellent financial situation and your goal will be wider.
Kanni rasi palan October 2012 Virgo: The planet Venus gives you an excellent climate this month. There will be some health problem by the last week of October.
Thula rasi palan October 2012 Libra: You are going to meet some important person by this month. The success is sure because of the location of Saturn.  .
Viruchigam rasi palan October 2012 Scorpio: Good month for lovers and couples. Take care of your health and try to improve your immunity by healthy diet.  
Dhanusu rasi palan October 2012 Sagittarius: October is the most powerful month. The panet mars boost you to enter in new projects.
Makara rasi palan October 2012 Capricorn: This month is very peaceful and enjoyable. Your hard work will give an excellent reward by the third week of October.
Kumbha rasi palan October 2012 Aquarius: Saturn is moving to your rasi by fifth of October and he will stay in you for three years until 18th of august 2012. This Saturn movement gives positive effect in all your actions.
Meena rasi palan October 2012 Pisces: The first week of this month is favoring for you. In your career, You have to face some struggle to prove your situation.

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