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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Rasi Palan 2013 Tamil New year Horoscope

Rasi Palan 2013 Tamil New year Horoscope 
This is rasi palan 2013 in Tamil panchangam astrology. You are travelling almost ¼ of the yerar 2012 and very eager to know the horoscope of the New Year 2013. I have given the new year astrology horoscope for all the 12 Tamil rasi here. Find your rasi palan 2013 in Tamil panchangam. 
Mesha rasi palan 2013 Horoscope: you will complete all your responsibilities by the year 2013. You will get good rewards in your career but your financial need is just earn and spend. There are good chances for the reunion of some broken blood relationships. Overall health is good except some allergies, dental problems.

Rishaba rasi palan 2013 Horoscope: New year 2013 is neither trouble and nor benefits but you lead a life in a comfort area. Your knowledge is the biggest asset for you and you will get success in your career. Already your love relationship is going good. There will be more closeness in your relationship. General health is good except some small infections.

Mithuna rasi palan 2013 Horoscope: This year 2013 is the best time to work out all your plans. You are going to lead an excellent life than last year. You are going to have a pleasant relationship with your family and friends. Your health is satisfactory, reduce your strain and give attention to your stomach and digestion related problems.   

Kadaga rasi palan 2013 Horoscope: 2013 is a pleasant and growth year for you. you should put maximum effort to reach the success in your career. Unmarried cancer people can find their life partner by the end of this year. avoid stress and chance to enroll in physical improvement centres like yoga and gymnasium.     

Simha rasi palan 2013 Horoscope: Excellent growth in your career and you are going to have nice financial improvement. You will spend a part of your earnings for new projects, extend the project and education. Great improvement of your health when compare to last year. The physical exercise and yoga turn your path in positive way.  
Kanni rasi palan 2013 Horoscope:   The life is like a machine from the paste several years so you will go for some spiritual relaxation this year. You people are having helping nature but be careful in finance. Your Career side goes smooth except some small incidents. Financially well settled by the end of 2013. Your health and activeness is very good but take some leisure to refresh your body and mind.     
Thula rasi palan 2013 Horoscope:   
Thula rasi people are in the catch of sani so you should be very careful. Some times you can reduce your confidence so your health will be affected. There will be delay in completing the family responsibilities this can disturb the happiness of your family.

Viruchigam rasi palan 2013 Horoscope:   This year is comparatively good and the ragu kethu transit gives you good changes. You should be very careful in the first month January 2013. After 30th of January 2013 the time is good for you. you should work hard but take care of your tension and stress.  The second of the year guru will be in 8th place, this is not good so pray guru on Thursdays

Dhanusu rasi palan 2013 Horoscope:   In the month of January Guru is at 6th place and give good planagal. this will boost your earnings, education and get promotions. After Jauary is guru vakaram state, this will cause some obstracles in all your activities. After May 27th 2013 sani causes subha palan.

Makara rasi palan 2013 Horoscope:
The slogan Slow and steady wins is stated for Makara rasi people. Generally good but ketu is in suga isthanam so you have to pay some money for your medicinal use. The happy location like marriage can occur in your family.  Best time to construct new house constructions.

Kumbha rasi palan2013 Horoscope:
Kumbha rasi people are very friendly and can cope up with all types of people very easily.  The percentage of pain and gain is equaled so neither best nor bad. Asset from family can reach you. Best time to get new vehicles.  The relationship between the wife and husband will be more strengthened.

Meena Rasi palan 2013 Horoscope:
Meena rasi people are always prized for their hard work and helping tendency. This is your growth period but you will spend more money than normal. Women can get some troubles and misunderstanding from their brother or sister. You will be get rid of health problems and your health will be improved.


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