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Friday, May 16, 2014

Mesha Rasi Palan 2014 in Tamil language Predictions

Mesha Rasi Palan 2014 in Tamil 
The year 2014 is going to face two major transits of Guru and Saturn planets.
These two transits will show many mixed effects on all the rasi. Let’s take a
look over the horoscope of people under Aries Rasi in the year 2014.

Mesha rasi Career 2014 rasi palan Horoscope
The beginning of the year will not prove much beneficial for you. The business will be reasonable but do not expect much success. Lots of stress and pressure of work is predicted at work place. After the month of May tension level will Increase and you have to balance between work and health. Over pressure of work may lead to severe health problems. Chances of getting unemployed are very high during the first half of the year. This year will prove very hectic for Arians. The responsibilities will be double for you. Avoid taking extra tasks on your shoulder as you will fail to complete them. You will give your best in your work but your efforts will not be praised. Chances of job change are predicted. But you may not get the desired job suitable to your profile.

The months during July to October 2014 will be little better than the beginning. You can now complete your lingering projects and try to bring the regularity in your work. End of the year will prove very troublesome for you as the Saturn transit will not be in your favour. All things will go in negative direction only. Your job or Business will be in great trouble. You may face the financial crisis during this period. Be careful while spending money as these last two months will lead you towards impoverishment.

Mesha rasi love 2014 & Mesha rasi palan Marriage 2014 Horoscope
People under Aries Rashi have to be very careful in matter of love this year. This period is not suitable for marriage. Chances of getting cheated are very high and you need to be very alert. Those who are married will face a very tough period throughout the year. Family disputes and clashes will be at the peak. The worse atmosphere in home can affect your career badly.
Those who are in love relationship should wait to take any positive decision. This year is not helpful to take next step in your love relationship. Postpone your marriage plans for next year. Chances of setback in love are also high. Be careful towards your relationship.

Mesha rasi 2014 for students Education Horoscope
Saturn is in 4th house of Aries in this year. The position of Saturn is helpful for you in the matter of education. But you have to take lots of efforts to fulfill to complete your dreams. You may face many problems like difficulty in getting admission or completing final course. People who are trying to take higher education abroad can face disappointment this year.
After July when Jupiter will move in the 4th house of this rashi, you will enjoy lots of success in education. Concentrate on your subjects and work very hard to get wonderful results.

Mesha rasi 2014 rasi palan finance horoscope
 Up to the month of March you can enjoy satisfactory monetary turn over. If you wish to invest money then first two months of the year are the best for you. After March till June will be the worst financial period for you. You will be in big financial problem. From the end of the July till October again you can achieve economic stability. Try to invest during this period as it can prove beneficial for you. Again the last two months will prove very troublesome for you. Expenditures will be too high and you will find it difficult to manage. You may lose job or meet some big losses in business. Be alert while investing during this period.


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