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Monday, May 26, 2014

June 2014 Rasi Palan Tamil Matha Jothidam vaigasi

June 2014 Rasi Palan Tamil Matha Jothidam
This is the astrology information on June 2014 rasi palan Tamil matha jothidam

Mesha rasi palan June 2014
According to the current stars position, you may continue facing some problems during this month also. Be very alert about financial transactions. Take care of your health. Chances of marriage are bright for the bachelors.

Rishaba rasi palan June 2014
This month will be positive for you. New contacts will make you cheerful. Start new projects during this month as they will surely get successful. Financial side will be very good this month. You will enjoy high status in society.

Mithuna rasi palan June  2014
If you want to gain something then you have to be ready to sacrifice something. This month will show you the same situation. You have to compromise in your business matter. Some of you may get very high reputation in work place. You will get good news from family members.

Kataka rasi palan June 2014
The stars position is very favourable for you in this month. Success will be at your door step. Be ready to accept new responsibilities. But be alert about the money transaction. Take care of your health.

Shima rasi palan June 2014
Change your decisions according to the situations. Mix results can be seen during this month. Sudden financial gain is predicted. You may have to go for long journeys for business purpose. Take care of your belongings while travelling.

Kanni rasi palan June 2014
Avoid interfering in others matter in this month. Your compromising nature will be much beneficial for you. Try to be away from any type of competition on personal or career level. The second half of the month will be more cheerful for you. Family life will be satisfactory.

Thula rasi palan June 2014
Don’t just keep on thinking; bring your ideas into action. Working on lingering plan will be helpful for you. Check twice before finalizing any financial deal. You may have to think about new ideas to stay into the competitions with your rivals. Some may face eye problems during this month.

Viruchigam rasi palan June 2014
You have to be very careful about family matters. Don’t try to dominate anyone. Your patience can show you better way. Your predictions about investment will be perfect to offer you more gains.
Dhanusu rasi palan June 2014
You will enjoy high financial position this month. Sudden success in business or job will make you more energetic. There are high chances of a business tour abroad. Try to resolve the small disputes with friends. Be careful about health. Some digestive problems are predicted.

Makara rasi palan June 2014
During this month keep your mind calm and patient to get a correct solution for increasing money problems. Planet Jupiter is in your favour, which will show you way to success. You will face all the challenges courageously. Avoid long journeys.
Kumba rasi palan June 2014
The time is challenging for you but family support will give you audacity to fight against the situation. Be watchful in the property dealings. Chances are love break are predicted; so be caring about the relationship. Avoid arguments with loved ones.

Meena rasi palan June 2014

You will enjoy health and wealth together in this month. You have to take new responsibilities in job. Relatives will give you some irritation. Avoid property dealing during second half.


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