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Sunday, June 29, 2014

July 2014 Rai palan Tamil Matha Horoscope

July 2014 Rasi Palan Tamil Matha Jothidam
This is the astrology information on June 2014 rasi palan Tamil matha jothidam for Aani month

Mesha rasi palan July 2014 Aries: your confidence leads you towards success and this month’s planet condition is favourable for you. Your predictions will be accurate. Rivals will not be able to defeat you. Take part in social activities for better contacts. Avoid long journeys.

Rishaba rasi palan July 2014 Taurus: Don’t wait for your planets to work for you, add your efforts to achieve goal. Sudden financial profit will make you cheerful. Try to complete important works in the second half of the month. Long lingering problems will get solved easily. Chances of purchasing new house or land are high.

Mithuna rasi palan July  2014 Gemini: Planet condition is not so favorable so you can’t expect a big success. Better to solve the matters with compromising nature. Do not accept new responsibilities as it will be difficult for you to complete it. Be alert in financial dealings. Overconfidence can prove troublesome. Take care of the health of your family members.

Kataka rasi palan July 2014Cancer: Mars and Venus are in positive situation for you this month. Your positive nature will prove helpful in all the fields. Long business tours are predicted. Being away from family can prove a bit troublesome. Chances of inheritance of property are very high. Health will be good and your will feel energetic this month.

Shima rasi palan July 2014 Leo: you can see mix results during this month. Think twice before accepting new responsibilities. Disputes with partners are predicted. Good news in family will bring some cheerful moments. Family will be supportive. You may need to visit the doctor for minor health troubles.

Kanni  rasi palan July 2014Virgo: First few days of the month can be trouble giving for you. The second half of the month will be favourable. Chances for promotion are high. Expenditure will be more than the income sources so it is better to balance between the two. Avoid taking extra stress on your mind.

Thula rasi palan July 2014 Libra: always don’t expect success. Be ready for defeat even. It is the time to handle the situations with patience. Second half of the month will be little better. Take care of your health. Some eye trouble may occur.

Viruchigam rasi palan July 2014 Scorpio: Your rivals may trouble you in the field of your job. Try to prove your talent and skill. Second half of the month will show you financial prosperity. Take care of the health of the elder people in the family.

Dhanusu rasi palan July 2014 Sagittarius: you may get troubled with the family disputes throughout this month. Try to solve and clear the misunderstanding with care. Business travel will prove very beneficial. In the end of the month you may get some good news regarding your career. Chances of promotion or job change are high.

Makara rasi palan July 2014 Capricorn: favourable planet condition will support your efforts and hard work. Ambitions will be fulfilled. You will be able to complete your responsibilities in your job and your work will be praised. Your social status will be very high this month. Take care of your life partner’s health.

Kumba rasi palan July 2014 Aquarius: avoid the company of selfish people around you. You can deal with the situations with lots of endurance and wisdom. Your straight forward behavior can put you in trouble by hurting feelings of someone. Be very careful while using the words, especially when you are in discussion with someone closer. New contacts during business tour can be beneficial for you.

Meena rasi palan July 2014 Pisces: this month will trouble you with some family disputes. Mercury and Jupiter will give you favorable results in career. Take care of health. Problem of blood pressure may trouble you.


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