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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

12 Names in Tamil Rasi Today Horoscope 2012

12 Rashi Names in Tamil Rasi Today Horoscope 2012
There are 12 rashi (rasi) in Tamil. each name represent the picture of an animal or other.  In 12 Rashi Names Tamil Today Horoscope 2012. you can get the details of 12 rashi and its names in Tamil.
1. Mesha Rasi is called Aries Represent Mars
2. Rishabha rasi is called Taurus - Represent Venus
3. Mithuna rasi is called Gemini - Represent Mercury
4. Kadaka rasi is called Cancer - Represent Moon
5. Simha rasi is called Leo - Represent Sun
6. Kanni rasi is called Virgo - Represent Mercury 
7. Tula rasi is called Libra - Represent Venus
8. Vrischika rasi is called Scorpio - Represent Mars
9. Dhanu rasi is called Sagittarius - Represent Jupiter 
10. Makara rasi is called Capricorn - Represent Saturn
11. Kumbha rasi is called Aquarius - Represent Saturn
12. Meena rasi is called Pisces - Represent Jupiter


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