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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Thula Rasi palan 2012 Tamil Horoscope Astrology

Thula Rasi palan 2012 Tamil Horoscope

Thula Rasi palan 2012 has started with happy and pleasant in the family. This year is a gain year great chance to purchase a house, land or vehicle. Thula Rasi palan 2012 Tamil panchangam predictions state that you should take care of your health in the first haf of the year and in the second half there is no need to bother about your health.

You may experience some positive happening in guru peyarchi 2012 thula rasi palan after the month of May.


 Thula rasi palan July  2012 Rasipalan

Location of Sun, Mercury and Venus are in good position so there will be chance to get rid of all your problems and for great relief. There is a chance to reduction of salary.


Thula rasi palan August 2012 Palangal

Be calm and adjust with your friends and relatives other wise you will be troubled and loss your happiness. This avani month is the time to get some important news from your higher officials.



Thula rasi palan September 2012 Rasi Palan: 

This is Tamil Purattasi matha rasi palan. You will finish your job at time. Those who are searching for job can get fresher’s job by this month.  


Thula rasi palan October 2012 Rasi palan : Tamil month which falls on this month is Aippasi. Good time to express your love affair.  This  time is not good to start your new carrier opportunities.


Thula rasi palan November 2012 Palangal: 

Tamil month Karthigai 2012. This month brings neither good nor bad. The life goes smooth with out any obstacles. The money savings can melt from your pocket.  


Thula rasi palan December 2012 Rasipalan: 

This is the prediction of Thula Rasi palan 2012 in Tamil margali matham. You should be careful in money dealing handling.  You will get a chance to go for a business or family trip.  



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